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Home: J : John Reuben

Artist Info

Name: John Reuben

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Number of Albums: 6
Record Label: Gotee Records
Similar Artists: Eminem, Will Smith,

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Word of Mouth (2007)
The Boy Vs. The Cynic (2005)
So In Hindsight...(2005)
Professional Rapper (2003)
Hindsight (2002)
Are We There Yet? (2000)


For Those About To Rock Tour
Gotee's GRITS And John Rueben To Release DVDs
See Spot Rock On DVD


Album, Word of Mouth
Album, The Boy Vs. The Cynic
Album, So in Hindsight …
Album, Professional Rapper
Album, Hindsight
Album, Are We There Yet?

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Christian Music Today, The Boy vs. The Critic


John Reuben relishes the self-expression that rap music empowers, and as an artist, he diligently strives to make his music personal yet universally relevant. While Reuben exemplified growth with each new album, the Columbus native approached his third Gotee release, Professional Rapper, with the... Click Here To Read More

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