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Artist Info

Names: Vince Lichlyter (vocals, guitar), Joshua Dougan (drums), Pete Eekhoff (bass), Jeff Cazzell (guitar)

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Ardent Records
Similar Artists: The Foo Fighters, Nickelback

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The Strangest Day (2005)
Jonah33 (2003)


Ardent Signs Rock Band Jonah33
Jonah33 To Release New Record In December


Album, The Strangest Day
Album, Jonah33

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Staring down the horizon of formulaic, corporate-rock musicians is a new kind of modern rock 'n' roll band.

This band is real. This band's been around the block a few times. This band scrapes and bleeds and sweats for its vision—a vision that's been forged and tempered in the gritty fire of real-life trials. This band screams what it believes and believes what it screams. This band from Arkansas couldn't care less about Madison Avenue image-makers and the power they wield with the cash they throw around. And while this band oozes at the chops to fashion the occasional... Click Here To Read More

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