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Home: J : Justin McRoberts

Artist Info

Name: Justin McRoberts

Genre: Pop, Folk, Rock
Number of Albums: 6
Record Label: Keeping Records

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Grace Must Wound … (2005)
Intersections (2003)
Trust (2002)
Untitled EP (2001)
Father (2000)
Reason for Living (1999)




Album, Grace Must Wound …
Album, Intersections
Album, Trust
Album, untitled EP
Album, Father
Album, Reason for Living

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Christian Music Today, June 2003, Independence and Dependence


It seems to me that much of life is about remembering. Remembering our mistakes, our joys, and the lessons learned in all of it. Over the past 10 years, songwriting has served as an on-going journal for me; a way to log the miles of my life and remember more clearly. Many of my songs serve as benchmarks so that I can... Click Here To Read More

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