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Home: K : Kendall Payne

Artist Info

Name: Kendall Payne

Genre: Pop, Folk
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Sparrow Records
Similar Artists: Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant, DIDO

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Grown (2004)
Jordan's Sister (2000)


Earthsuit And Kendall Payne UK Singles
BEC Announces Happy Christmas 3!
Kendall Payne Dove Award


Album, Grown
Album, Jordan's Sister

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Christian Music Today, Grown


"I felt like God gave me a choice: Do you want to take your bucket of water and pour it back into the ocean, or do you want to take it to the people out in the desert? My response was: I want to take my bucket of water to the people who are dying of thirst—I want to give them hope. I want to take my water to... Click Here To Read More

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