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Home: K : Kevin Max

Artist Info

Name: Kevin Max

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 5
Record Label: Blind Thief
Similar Artists: David Bowie, Blur, Queen, Peter Gabriel

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The Blood (2007)
Holy Night (2005)
The Imposter (2005)
Between the Fence & the Universe (2004)
Stereotype Be (2001)


Kevin Max Joins A Wave Of Love
Kevin Max Signs To Northern Records
Kevin Max Talks About His Upcoming Album
Kevin Max To Release New Album, The Imposter, On October 11, 2005
Kevin Max Joins the Ichthus Online Writing Team


Album, Between the Fence & the Universe
Album, Stereotype Be

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Christian Music Today, Return of the Singer


"I think it's different than anything out there. I wanted to do a record that pushed music – period."

"On everyone's personal journey they've got to get to the truth," says Kevin Max. "Without that, they're living a lie. It's getting outside the box, stepping outside our comfort zone when we really start to live."

Moving outside of his comfort zone, Kevin Max calls his long-awaited solo debut, Stereotype Be, "a universal record." "I want this record to appeal to a wide audience. I wanted a universal record that talks about love, death, social relevance and my faith-it's a lot to chew on." Stereotype Be represents a break from... Click Here To Read More

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