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Home: K : Kim Hill

Artist Info

Name: Kim Hill

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 12
Record Label: Spirit-Led Records
Similar Artists: Tracy Chapman, Annie Lennox, Trisha Yearwood

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Surrounded By Mercy (2003)
Hope No Matter What (2002)
Signature Songs (1999)
For Such a Time as This (1999)
Arms of Mercy (1998)
Renewing the Heart: Live (1998)
The Fire Again (1997)
Testimony (1995)
So Far, So Good (1994)
Brave Heart (1993)
Talk About Life (1989)
Kim Hill (1988)




Album, Surrounded By Mercy
Album, Hope No Matter What
Album, Signature Songs
Album, Renewing the Heart: For Such a Time as This
Album, Arms of Mercy
Album, Renewing the Heart: Live Hymns and Songs of Worship
Album, The Fire Again
Album, Testimony
Album, So Far, So Good
Album, Brave Heart
Album, Talk About Life
Album, Kim Hill

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Today's Christian Woman, Happily Even After


"Worship is my lifeline … in the craziness of my life, whether it's in real crisis or school morning "fire drills", focusing on the Lord through worship helps put it all into perspective."

While the transition from solo artist to worship leader came years ago, Surrounded By Mercy is clearly a pure offering of the ever transparent and vulnerable Hill. This is the eleventh national release for the fifteen year... Click Here To Read More

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