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Home: K : Kj-52

Artist Info

Name: KJ-52

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Number of Albums: 6
Record Label: Uprok Records
Similar Artists: Eminem, De La Soul

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Behind the Musik (2005)
Soul Purpose (2004)
It's Pronounced Five Two (2003)
Collaborations (2002)
7th Avenue (2000)

With Peace of Mind:
Peace of Mind (2003)


KJ-52's New Record Will Release In February
Amazing Lineup For Newsong's 2003 Winter JAM Tour
KJ-52 Writes 'Dear Slim' About Eminem's Influence


Album, Behind the Musik
Album, Soul Purpose
Album, It's Pronounced Five Two
Album, Collaborations
Album, 7th Avenue

With Peace of Mind:
Album, Peace of Mind

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Christian Music Today, A Boy Named Jonah Grows Up
Christian Music Today, Getting It Right
Campus Life magazine, June/July 2003, "The Christian Slim Shady?"
Christian Music Today, March 2003, "KJ52: No Mixed Messages"


"I don't want to just be a great MC. I want to create songs that can touch lives. I've made an effort to be studied and careful in order to hear my audience's heartbeat and respond to it. I'm not just motivated by my own... Click Here To Read More

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