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Home: L : Lisa Bevill

Artist Info

Name: Lisa Bevill

Genre: Pop
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: Fallawake Productions
Similar Artists: 2 Unlimited

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Lisa Bevill (2000)
Love Of Heaven (1996)
All Because Of You (1994)
My Freedom (1992)




Album, Lisa Bevill
Album, Love Of Heaven
Album, All Because Of You
Album, My Freedom

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"Do you know what it is like to really feel God loving you?" Lisa Bevill whispers to the ceiling. As she redirects her gaze to you, it is clear this is not a rhetorical question. She is talking about LISA BEVILL, her long-awaited, testimonial album. "There is a sense of urgency burning throughout the album, begging people to wake up and ask themselves that question."

Produced by long time friend Cliff Downs (Sierra, Pam Thum), LISA BEVILL is Lisa's most personal album to date, running the gambit from introspective ballads to aggressive, in-your-face, apocalyptic rockers. "The record is self-titled because it really represents who I am," she explains. "Everything I feel... Click Here To Read More

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