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Home: M : Michael W. Smith

Artist Info

Name: Michael W. Smith

Genre: Pop
Number of Albums: 19
Record Label: Reunion Records
Similar Artists: Billy Joel, Elton John, Phil Collins

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Healing Rain (2004)
The Second Decade: (1993-2003)
Worship Again (2002)
Worship (2001)
Freedom (2000)
This Is Your Time (1999)
Christmastime (1998)
Live The Life (1998)
I'll Lead You Home (1995)
The Wonder Years (1993)
The First Decade: (1983-1993)
Change Your World (1992)
Go West Young Man (1990)
Christmas (1989)
I 2 Eye (1988)
The Live Set (1987)
The Big Picture (1986)
Michael W. Smith 2 (1984)
Project (1983)


Michael W. Smith's "Healing Rain" Radio Single Claims No.1 On Multiple Charts...
Michael W. Smith Leads Nominations For 36th Annual GMA Music Awards
Principal Photography Begins In Nashville On "The Second Chance" Starring...
Catching Up With Michael W. Smith


Album, Healing Rain
Album, The Second Decade
Album, Worship Again
Album, Worship
Album, Freedom
Album, This Is Your Time
Album, Christmastime
Album, Live The Life
Album, I'll Lead You Home
Album, The Wonder Years
Album, The First Decade
Album, Change Your World
Album, Go West Young Man
Album, Christmas
Album, I 2 Eye
Album, The Live Set
Album, The Big Picture
Album, Michael W. Smith 2
Album, Project

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Across 20 years, Michael W. Smith’s music has helped listeners realize personal relationships matter, hope stands ready for all and faith is of ultimate concern. In him is the ability to put into song the emotions people feel, but don’t...Click Here To Read More

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