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Artist Info

Names: Mike Herrera (vocals, bass), Tom Wisniewski (guitar), Yuri Ruley (drums)

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 12
Record Label: A&M
Similar Artists: Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Good Charlotte

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Panic (2005)
Before Everything & After (2003)
Ten Years and Running (2002)
The Renaissance EP (2001)
The Ever Passing Moment (2000)
At the Show (1999)
Let It Happen (1998)
Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo (1998)
Life in General (1996)
Move to Bremerton EP (1996)
Teenage Politics (1995)
On the Cover EP (1995)
Pokinatcha (1994)


MxPx Back In The Studio
The New Record!
MxPx Busy Recording Upcoming Album


Album, Panic
Album, Before Everything & After
Album, Ten Years and Running
Album, The Renaissance EP
Album, The Ever Passing Moment
Album, At the Show
Album, Let It Happen
Album, Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo
Album, Life in General
Album, Move to Bremerton EP
Album, Teenage Politics
Album, On the Cover EP
Album, Pokinatcha

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"We got together as a band when we were so young that we're still young and still having the time of our lives," declares frontman Mike Herrera.

That is precisely the status of MxPx, the Bremerton, WA trio, as they prepare to release their third album for A&M, Before Everything and After. More than ten years together—eight as a touring act—and a handful of indie records preceding their major label releases have left MxPx with a wealth of experience and a lot on the minds of guitarist Tom Wisniewski, drummer Yuri Ruley and singer/bassist and songwriter... Click Here To Read More

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