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Home: N : Nate Sallie

Artist Info

Name: Nate Sallie

Genre: Pop
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Curb Records

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Ruined For Ordinary (2006)
Inside Out (2003)


"Nate Sallie Joins the Baldwin Piano Family"
"Nate Visits Dallas"
"Without You' Makes Jump To #7!


Album, Ruined For Ordinary
Album, Inside Out

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The classically trained Nate Allen grew up in Washington D.C banging away on a Baldwin upright piano until his fingers hurt. "Music brought out emotions in me like nothing else could. It could make me laugh, scream and cry all during the same song." This is when Nate realized how powerful a tool music was. This is what he wanted to be a part of... Click Here To Read More

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