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Home: N : Neal Morse

Artist Info

Name: Neal Morse

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 7
Record Label: Radiant Records
Similar Artists: Kansas, Spock's Beard

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? (2005)
God Won't Give Up (2005)
One (2004)
Testimony (2003)
It's Not Too Late (2001)
Merry Christmas from the Morse Family (2000)
Neal Morse (1999)




Album, ?
Album, God Won't Give Up
Album, One
Album, Testimony
Album, It's Not Too Late
Album, Merry Christmas from the Morse Family
Album, Neal Morse

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As a young musician, Neal's dream was like many others—to find success in the pop music world. But after years of struggling in the LA singer-songwriter scene, he realized that his dream would not materialize. Eschewing conventional wisdom, Neal took a courageous step: he about-faced and devoted himself to... Click Here To Read More

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