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Artist Info

Names: Peter Furler (vocals, guitar, drums), Phil Joel (vocals, bass), Jeff Frankenstein (keyboards, vocals), Duncan Phillips (drums, percussion), Bryan Olesen (guitar, vocals)

Genre: Pop, Rock, Worship
Number of Albums: 14
Record Label: Sparrow/EMI Records
Similar Artists: Steve Taylor, Savage Garden, INXS, Duran Duran

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Go (2006)
He Reigns: The Worship Collection (2005)
Devotion (2004)
Adoration: The Worship Album (2003)
Newsboys Remixed (2002)
Thrive (2002)
Shine: The Hits (2000)
Love Liberty Disco (1999)
Step Up To the Microphone (1998)
Take Me To Your Leader (1996)
Going Public (1994)
Not Ashamed (1992)
Boys Will Be Boyz (1991)
Hell Is For Wimps (1990)
Read All About It (1988)


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Newsboys In Studio With Devotion
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Album, He Reigns: The Worship Collection
Album, Devotion
Album, Adoration: The Worship Album
Album, Newsboys Remixed
Album, Thrive
Album, Shine: The Hits
Album, Love Liberty Disco
Album, Step Up To the Microphone
Album, Take Me To Your Leader
Album, Going Public
Album, Not Ashamed
Album, Boys Will Be Boyz
Album, Hell Is For Wimps
Album, Read All About It

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Christian Music Today, Continuing to Thrive
Campus Life Jan/Feb 2002, They Keep Going, and Going, and …
Campus Life Jul/Aug 1999, Step Back From the Microphone
Campus Life Jan/Feb 1997, Panamaniacs On a Mission


It's obvious after only a few minutes with newsboys frontman and songwriter Peter Furler that the man is defined by his relationships and a profound commitment to those relationships that include his band mates, longtime associates, brothers and mentors in Christ, his wife and God. A significant theme in this core of associations has been Peter's recommitment and ardent loyalty to the... Click Here To Read More

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