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Artist Info

Names: Joel Hanson (vocals, guitar), Patrick Andrew (vocals, bass), Mark Nash (drums)

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 7
Record Label: Fusiec Music
Website: N/A
Similar Artists: Jellyfish, Oasis, Keane, The Beatles, The Vines, Crowded House

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The Bookhouse Recordings (2004)
Disappear (2001)
The Late Great PFR (1997)
Them (1996)
Great Lengths (1995)
Goldie's Last Day (1993)
Pray for Rain (1992)


PFR Returns With 'The Bookhouse Recordings'
PFR Disappear Promotional Tour
Word Takes Over Squint


Album, The Bookhouse Recordings
Album, Disappear
Album, The Late Great PFR
Album, Them
Album, Great Lengths
Album, Goldie's Last Day
Album, Pray for Rain

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Retro and progressive. Serious—yet slightly mischievous.

That's PFR, then as a distinguished pop-rock band of the '90s, and that's PFR now, as they return for their first studio album in three years. The Bookhouse Recordings finds PFR creating new interpretations of their most popular... Click Here To Read More

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