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Home: P : Paul Colman Trio

Artist Info

Names: Paul Colman (lead vocals, guitars), Grant Norsworthy (bass, vocals), Phil Gaudion (drums, vocals)

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 7
Record Label: Essential Records
Similar Artists: Everclear, The Police, Collective Soul, Vertical Horizon, Matchbox Twenty

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Let It Go (2005)
One (2003)
New Map Of The World (2002)
pc3 Live Electric (2001)
pc3 Live Acoustic(2001)
Turn (2000)
Serious Fun (1999)


Inpop Signs The Now-Solo Paul Colman
Paul Colman Goes Solo
Paul Colman Trio To Release 'One' September 9th


Album, Let It Go
Album, One
Album, New Map Of The World
Album, pc3 Live Electric
Album, pc3 Live Acoustic
Album, Turn
Album, Serious Fun

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Interviews, A New Map for Serving the World


"Since the release of its first international album New Map of the World, the Paul Colman Trio (guitarist/vocalist Paul Colman, bassist Grant Norsworthy, and drummer Phil Gaudion) has been criss-crossing the United States, Europe and Australia spreading a serious message wrapped up in an infectious blend of... Click Here To Read More

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