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Home: P : Paul Wright

Artist Info

Name: Paul Wright

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Number of Albums: 3
Record Label: Gotee Records
Similar Artists: Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Beck, Sugar Ray

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Sunrise To Sunset (2005)
Fly Away (2003)
The Paul Wright EP (2003)


Gotee Gears Up For Paul Wright Debut


Album, Sunrise To Sunset
Album, Fly Away
Album, The Paul Wright EP

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Interviews, The Wright Stuff


"Some describe the music as acoustic hip-hop and others simply as pop," says new Gotee artist Paul Wright. "Personally, I call it new generation singer-songwriter."

Paul Wright's debut LP, Fly Away, redefines the singer-songwriter image by demonstrating how creative and revolutionary one can be with this classical musical form. The Oregon native pens gifted narratives, poetic analogies, and fun simple stories in a style empowered by hip-hop and alternative rock touches. Forgive the sin of comparison, but imagine Jack Johnson or John Mayer distilling such influences as A Tribe Called Quest, Sublime, and De La Soul. Wright's music is nothing less than...Click Here To Read More

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