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Artist Info

Names: Dave Tosti (vocals), Jesse Craig (guitar), Josh Auer (bass, vocals), Aaron "Skwid" Tosti (drums)

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Forefront Records
Similar Artists: Limp Bizkit,Deftones, Linkin Park

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Engage (2002)
Twoseventeen (2000)


PAX 217 Working On New Project


Album, Engage
Album, Twoseventeen

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"Engage! Tell your story to the world. Engage! Let your actions speak love"

Some bands turn to rock music as an escape, a refuge from the pressures and torments of the real world. For others - and this batch includes the vast majority of what passes for hard rock on mainstream radio and MTV these days — it's a platform for airing frustration, a soapbox for venting anger and demons. "I hurt," they scream or bark out in bursts of rap. "Share my pain, feel my fury."

Against this tide of escapist rage, the five young men of PAX217 offer a fresh perspective. Their music is as tight a fusion of metal and hip-hop rhythms as anything on the radio today, but their message is... Click Here To Read More

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