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Home: P : Phil Joel

Artist Info

Name: Phil Joel

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 3
Record Label: Inpop Records
Similar Artists: Savage Garden, Oasis

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The Deliberate People Album (2005)
Bring It On (2002)
Watching Over You (2000)


Win With Phil Joel Or Delirious?
Phil Joel Launches deliberatePeople


Album, The Deliberate People Album
Album, Bring It On
Album, Watching Over You

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Interviews interview, You the Man! interview, Coming from a Different Angle


For believers tired of their own religious mediocrity Phil Joel offers a hopeful, can-do message: Fall in love again!

Led to examine his own commitment to his faith, Joel crafts a soundtrack of personal revolution with his second solo effort, Bring It On (inpop), a rock record of unusual depth, vulnerably revealing the recommitment he made, cultivating deeper, Christ-centered roots that strengthened... Click Here To Read More

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