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Home: P : Phillips, Craig, & Dean

Artist Info

Names: Randy Phillips (vocals), Shawn Craig (vocals), Dan Dean (vocals)

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 10
Record Label: INO Records

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Let the Worshippers Arise (2004)
Let Your Glory Fall (2003)
Let My Words Be Few (2001)
Restoration (1999)
Favorite Songs of All (1998)
Where Strength Begins (1997)
Repeat the Sounding Joy (1996)
Trust (1995)
Lifeline (1993)
Phillips, Craig & Dean (1992)


Let The Worshippers Arise
Phillips, Craig & Dean To Release Next Album January 28
Let Your Glory Fall Debuts In Billboard Top 200


Album, Let the Worshippers Arise
Album, Let Your Glory Fall
Album, Let My Words Be Few
Album, Restoration
Album, Favorite Songs of All
Album, Where Strength Begins
Album, Repeat the Sounding Joy
Album, Trust
Album, Lifeline
Album, Phillips, Craig & Dean

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Under the Radar, Christian Music Today
Men of Integrity Jan/Feb 2000 devotional with Shawn Craig, Nervous About God's Will?


Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig and Dan Dean have been working hard for more than 13 years, turning up regularly to prove themselves faithful through a musical ministry that has won them scores of faithful fans—not to mention 18 No. 1 singles, several Dove Award nominations and sales near the 2 million mark. Known for their ability to write songs the church loves to sing (including "Mercy Came Running" and "Crucified With Christ"), this trio brings an... Click Here To Read More

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