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Artist Info

Names: Rob Beckley (vocals), Noah Henson (guitar), Kalel (bass), Lester Estelle (drums)

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 7
Record Label: Flicker Records
Similar Artists: Trapt, Drowning Pool, Default, Seether


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The Reckoning (2006)
Where Do We Go From Here (2004)
Broken Down: The EP (2003)
Fireproof (2002/2003)
Above (2000)
Original Superman (2000)
Metamorphosis (1999)


Pillar's Limited Edition Release
Rob Hosting Tournament For Pornography Awareness Organization
Pillar Gettin' Ready To Hit The Road


Album, The Reckoning
Album, Where Do We Go From Here
Album, Broken Down: The EP
Album, Fireproof
Album, Above
Album, Original Superman
Album, Metamorphosis

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Christian Music Today, Pillars of Faith
Christian Music Today, On Fire … but Cool
Campus Life Jan/Feb 2003, Answering the Call


Make no mistake about it, Pillar is not the rock 'n' roll of yesterday, but the forward moving revolution of today and tomorrow. Their zealous passion incinerates today's gimmicky knockoffs, leaving pretenders in a dust storm of reckless rock upheaval. The group's previous album, 2002's Fireproof, couldn't be held back, selling over 300,000 copies with unyielding momentum. Ready to roll into... Click Here To Read More

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