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Artist Info

Name: Tiffany Arbuckle Lee

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 5
Record Label: Curb Records
Similar Artists: Garbage, Evanescence, Kelly Clarkson, Dido

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Chaotic Resolve (2005)
Beautiful Lumps of Coal (2003)
The Best of Plumb (2000)
Candycoatedwaterdrops (1999)
Plumb (1997)


Tiffany Arbuckle's Pregnancy
Clearing The Confusion About Plumb
New CD announcement For Plumb!


Album, Chaotic Resolve
Album, Beautiful Lumps of Coal
Album, The Best of Plumb
Album, Candycoatedwaterdrops
Album, Plumb

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Christian Music Today, The Plumb Truth


A few hours before playing what she thought would be her last gig, Plumb was handed a note that changed her life.

She was making an afternoon appearance at a local record store. Fans were lining up for autographs, or to shove urgent notes at the young singer with curly jet-black hair, riveting stage presence, and spellbinding ways with a song.

Her first two albums each sold more than 100,000 copies with minimal promotion—in fact, the second was released only days before she broke her ties with the label.

Despite all that, despite the pens and CDs waving in her face and the familiar mantra that "you rock!" shouted in her direction, Plumb stood at a crossroads. Even as she smiled and signed, she was thinking that maybe... Click Here To Read More

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