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Artist Info

Names: Nate Cole (vocals), Nathan Walters (keyboards, vocals), Gabe Combs (guitars, vocals)

Genre: Rock, Pop
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: Inpop Records
Similar Artists: Maroon 5, Matchbox Twenty, Coldplay

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Exodus (2003)
Christmas (2002)
Obvious (2002)
Promise (2000)


Festival Con Dios 2003 Artist Line-Up
Line-up Announced For Festival Con Dios
Amazing Lineup For Newsong's 2003 Winter JAM Tour


Album, Exodus
Album, Christmas
Album, Obvious
Album, The Promise

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Campus Life, Jan/Feb 2003, I Turned My Back on God interview, Boy-Band of Brothers interview, Who Are These Guys?
Campus Life, March/April 2001, Boy, Oh, Boy!


"Exodus" is the sign marking the exit as passengers depart a bus in Greece. It's going out, moving from one place to another.

In the heart of an artist, exodus is the sign marking the exit as he discovers the freedom to create what he was meant to create all along. It's a journey of discovery, unpacking what's in his heart and soul. And when three men on the same journey pull together, Exodus emerges as real music for real life, an aggressive sound acknowledging... Click Here To Read More

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