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Artist Info

Names: Shelley Breen (vocals), Denise Jones (vocals), Leigh Cappillino (vocals), Heather Payne (vocals)

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 10
Record Label: Word/Warner Records
Similar Artists: Wilson Phillips

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I Choose You (2004)
24 (2003)
Girls of Grace (2002)
Free to Fly (2001)
Rarities and Remixes (2000)
A Christmas Story (1999)
Steady On (1998)
Life, Love & Other Mysteries (1996)
Whole Truth (1995)
Point of Grace (1994)


Point Of Grace To Headline 'I Choose You' Tour
Point Of Grace Makes A Choice
Point Of Grace To sing At NBA Basketball Game


Album, I Choose You
Album, 24
Album, Girls of Grace
Album, Free to Fly
Album, Rarities and Remixes
Album, A Christmas Story
Album, Steady On
Album, Life, Love & Other Mysteries
Album, Whole Truth
Album, Point of Grace

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"The greatest power that a person possesses is the power to choose."
— J. Martin Kohe

We all make choices every day. Examine them closely and they tell a story about what we value and who we are. For more than a decade, the women of Point of Grace have chosen to encourage and inspire others with a... Click Here To Read More

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