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Artist Info

Names: Andrew Schwab (vocals), Randy Torres (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Alex Albert (drums), Steven Dail (bass, vocals)

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 5
Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Similar Artists: Limp bizkit, Kid Rock, Deftones, Hoobastank, 311

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…And the Rest Will Follow (2005)
Songs to Burn Your Bridges By (2004)
Truthless Heroes (2002)
Drawing Black Lines (2000)
Project 86 (1998)


Project 86 Burns Bridges
Project 86 Dove Nominations
Project 86 Announces Major Spring Tour


Album, …And the Rest Will Follow
Album, Songs to Burn Your Bridges By
Album, Truthless Heroes
Album, Drawing Black Lines
Album, Project 86

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Return. Return. Return.

One word. One message. One resolve. It is as much of a command as it is a plea, as much of a call as it is a challenge. And it is the word that is the culmination of nine years as a band, a history that has led Project 86 to the here and now. After nearly 300,000 in lifetime sales, four albums, and fifteen national tours it... Click Here To Read More

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