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Home: R : Rachael Lampa

Artist Info

Name: Rachael Lampa

Genre: Pop
Number of Albums: 5
Record Label: Word Records
Similar Artists: Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera

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Blessed: The Best Of Rachael Lampa (2006)
Rachael Lampa (2004)
Blur (2002)
Kaleidoscope (2002)
Live For You (2000)


NewSong's Summer Jam Tour 2004 Features Rachael Lampa
Rachael Lampa's Trip To Holland

A Message From Rachael About Charity
Joy to the World Christmas Celebrations To Comfort Hurricane Evacuees


Album, Blessed: The Best Of Rachael Lampa
Album, Rachael Lampa
Album, Blur
Album, Kaleidoscope
Album, Live For You

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Christian Music Today 08/02/04, 'I Did Not Want to Be a Pop Star'
Christian Music Today 10/22/01, Feeling Ten Feet Tall


There comes a point in every artist's life when they need to go beyond simply scratching the surface and truly invest every ounce of their soul in the creative process. Though powerhouse vocalist Rachael Lampa's consistently belted out reflections from the heart, this self-titled outing finds her letting loose with no... Click Here To Read More

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