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Home: R : Rita Springer

Artist Info

Names: Rita Springer

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 7
Record Label: Found/Floodgate Records
Similar Artists: Melissa Etheridge

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I Have to Believe (2005)
Rise Up (2004)
Effortless (2002)
Created to Worship (2001)
All I Have (2000)
To the Moon (1998)
Love Covers (1996)




Album, I Have to Believe
Album, Rise Up
Album, Effortless
Album, Created to Worship
Album, All I Have
Album, To the Moon
Album, Love Covers

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Rita Springer has always had a knack for bringing people into the throne room of God. She can cut through the clutter of our busy lives, merging honesty and heartbreak, hope and heroism to show the Lordship of Christ, while never forgetting the love affair that He yearns for as well. I Have to... Click Here To Read More

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