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Home: R : Robbie Seay Band

Artist Info

Names: Robbie Seay (vocals, guitar), Dan Hamilton (drums), Ryan Owens (bass), Chase Jenkins (keyboards, vocals)

Genre: Pop, Rock, Worship
Number of Albums: 5
Record Label: Sparrow/EMI Records
Similar Artists: Travis, Coldplay

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Better Days (2004/2005)
December (2002)
Ten Thousand Charms (2002)
Thoughts of You (1999)
Robbie Seay Band EP (1997)




Album, Better Days
Album, December
Album, Ten Thousand Charms
Album, Thoughts of You
Album, Robbie Seay Band EP

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I'm always surprised at the power of a story. My story. Your story—the journeys life has shown us. I get caught up with my little life here in Houston, and forget that sharing music is greater than songs and albums. Sharing music is sharing life—the sacred, the ugly, the beautiful—and all the descriptors that could... Click Here To Read More

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