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Home: R : Rock N' Roll Worship Circus

Artist Info

Names: Gabriel Wilson (vocals, guitar), Solo Greely (guitars, vocals), Eric "The E" Lemiere (drums, vocals, guitars), Josiah Sherman (keyboards, vocals)

Genre: Rock, Worship
Number of Albums: 6
Record Label: INO Records
Similar Artists: The Beatles, The Kinks, Pink Floyd, The Cure

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The Listening EP (2004)
A Beautiful Glow (2003)
Welcome to the Worship Circus (2002)
Big Star Logistics (2001)
Little Star Logistics (2000)
Live at TOMfest (1999)


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Rock 'N' Roll Worship Circus Dove Nominated
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Album, The Listening EP
Album, A Beautiful Glow
Album, Welcome to the Worship Circus
Album, Big Star Logistics
Album, Little Star Logistics
Album, Live at TOMfest

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Worship Circus keysman Josiah Sherman sits at an archaic synth contraption, a wooden panel spotted with buttons, knobs, needle meters and keys. He holds a few notes with one hand and uses the other to tweak the dials and levers to generate an ominous electronic squeal and rumbling bass. "That sounds like something from Scooby-Doo," the recording engineer comments while listening to Josiah's handiwork. "Everything Josiah does is... Click Here To Read More

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