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Home: R : Russ Lee

Artist Info

Name: Russ Lee

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: Christian Records

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Pictures on Mantles: The Best of Russ Lee (2005)
Hear Those Bells (2004)
The Second Mile (2003)
Words In Time (2000)


Russ Lee In Iraq
Russ Lee To Release Sophomore Album
Discovery House Releases David CD/DVD


Album, Pictures on Mantles: The Best of Russ Lee
Album, Hear Those Bells
Album, The Second Mile
Album, Words In Time

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On the Front Lines, Christian Music Today


"I want to fulfill this calling that drives the longing in my heart to do something that matters for the glory of God," Russ Lee explains.

With the release of his latest recording, the retrospective Pictures on Mantles: The Best of Russ Lee, this husband and father of three, ordained minister, acclaimed singer/songwriter and new record company president is getting one step closer to that destiny. A striking contrast to... Click Here To Read More

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