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Artist Info

Names: Nic Gonzales (vocals, guitar), Chris Bevins (keyboard, vocals), Robert Acuña (drums), Josh Gonzales (bass guitar, vocals), Pablo Gabaldon (trumpet, vocals), Joel Cavazos (guitar, vocals), Jared Solis (trombone, sax), Esteban "Chamo" Lopez (percussion, vocals)

Genre: Latin, Rock, Pop
Number of Albums: 6
Record Label: Word/Warner Bros. Records
Similar Artists: Gypsy Kings, Dave Matthews Band, Santana, Los Lonely Boys


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Dismiss The Mystery (2006)
Qué Tan Lejos Está el Cielo (2005)
So Natural (2004)
Worship Live (2003)
Con Poder (2003)
Into Motion (2002)
Salvador (2000)


Salvador's Nic Gonzales Honored With Gibson Guitar
Salvador To Release Into Motion
Salvador Preparing New Album


Album, Dismiss The Mystery
Album, Qué Tan Lejos Está el Cielo
Album, So Natural
Album, Worship Live
Album, Con Poder
Album, Into Motion
Album, Salvador

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You'd think it'd be hard …

… achieving balance within music that nods to both Latin heritage and fresh contemporary pop songwriting

… merging new faces, skills and influences into a family-based musical framework known for high-energy live shows... Click Here To Read More

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