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Home: S : Sara Groves

Artist Info

Name: Sara Groves

Genre: Pop, Folk
Number of Albums: 5
Record Label: INO Records
Similar Artists: Joni Mitchell

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Add to the Beauty (2005)
The Other Side of Something (2004)
All Right Here (2002)
Conversations (1999/2001)
Past the Wishing (1998)


Sara Groves Goes To The Other Side
Sara Groves Gives Birth
Sara Groves Donates Concert Proceeds
Sara Groves, Bebo Norman and Fernando Ortega Team Up For Spring Tour
Groves Garners CCM's ALBUM OF THE YEAR


Album, Add To The Beauty
Album, The Other Side of Something
Album, All Right Here
Album, Conversations
Album, Past the Wishing

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Christian Music Today, Fighting the Good Fight
Christian Music Today, Sara Groves: Meant to Mentor


She doesn't look like a very formidable opponent. You wouldn't be afraid to meet her in a dark alley, she doesn't have washboard abs or well-defined biceps, and if she ever landed a punch it would probably be by accident. So while critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Sara Groves won't be facing Tatiana Ali in the ring anytime soon, she is definitely a fighter. Groves spent 2003 wrestling with God and struggling against the hold evil has on this world. She questioned, as David did, a Creator that she loves but doesn't... Click Here To Read More

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