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Artist Info

Names: Todd Smith (vocals), Nicol Sponberg (vocals), Allan Hall (piano, vocals)

Genre: Pop
Number of Albums: 6
Record Label: Curb Records
Similar Artists: Alison Krauss, First Call

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Bless The Broken Road-The Duets Album (2006)
Greatest Hymns (2005)
Hiding Place (2004)
Rose of Bethlehem (2002)
Press On (2001)
Be Still My Soul (1999)


Selah Members Go Solo
Selah Launches 2nd Annual Christmas Tour
Selah's Rose Of Bethlehem On TV
Selah reaches career milestone: 1 million albums sold


Album, Bless The Broken Road-The Duets Album (2006)
Album, Hiding Place
Album, Rose of Bethlehem
Album, Press On
Album, Be Still My Soul

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These are the paradoxes of Selah.

Three gifted young musicians—a brother and sister brought up in the African heartland, a Tennessee native who had barely set foot outside of his home state—united now as one voice raised in... Click Here To Read More

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