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Home: S : Seventh Day Slumber

Artist Info

Names: Joseph Rojas (vocals), Jeremy Holderfield (guitar), Joshua Schwartz (bass), Ray Fryoux (drums)

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: BEC Recordings
Similar Artists: Collective Soul, Staind, Creed, Fuel, Default

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Finally Awake (2007)
Once Upon a Shattered Life (2005)
Picking Up the Pieces (2003)
Matthew Twenty Five (1999)




Album, Finally Awake
Album, Once Upon a Shattered Life
Album, Picking Up the Pieces
Album, Matthew Twenty Five

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Christian Music Today, 'I Decided to Kill Myself'
Christian Music Today, Asleep No More


When Seventh Day Slumber titled their latest effort (and first for BEC Recordings) Once Upon a Shattered Life, it was more than an eye-catching phrase or compelling means to listen. Instead it was birthed from the severe struggles and setbacks faced within the group and the desire to be reborn through Christ's cleansing blood. Sure, there have been plenty of emotional testimonies tossed around within the confines of Christian music over the years, but rarely has there been one so... Click Here To Read More

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