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Home: S : Shaun Groves

Artist Info

Name: Shaun Groves

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 3
Record Label: Rocketown Records
Similar Artists: Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Jason Mraz

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White Flag (2005)
Twilight (2003)
Invitation To Eavesdrop (2001)


Rocketown Partners With Liquid For Legal Downloads
Michael W. Smith Tours Europe This Summer With Shaun Groves
Rocketown Artists Create New Worship Compilation
Shaun Groves To Headline Fall Tour


Album, White Flag
Album, Twilight
Album, Invitation To Eavesdrop

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Campus Life Sep/Oct 2002, Dirty Laundry, Shaun Groves—Answering Questions


Outside the darkness is slowly easing away as morning makes its mark on the night sky. Light filters across the horizon, and the dawning day washes over everything in its path, gradually dissolving the blackness in its wake. It is twilight. No longer night, but not yet... Click Here To Read More

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