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Home: S : Shawn McDonald

Artist Info

Name: Shawn McDonald

Genre: Pop, Folk
Number of Albums: 3
Record Label: Sparrow/EMI Records
Similar Artists: Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Ben Harper

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Ripen (2006)
Live In Seattle (2005)
Simply Nothing (2004)


Autographed Copy Of Shawn's New CD!
Street Team Credibility: You & Shawn McDonald
What’s In Store @ Shawn McDonald Web Site


Album, Ripen
Album, Live In Seattle
Album, Simply Nothing

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Christian Music Today, Something From Nothing
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Six years could be a lifetime if you're Sparrow Recording artist Shawn McDonald. Six years ago he hadn't recorded his genre-bending soulish-folk debut, Simply Nothing. He hadn't had labels like Columbia and Java Records knocking at his door. In fact, six years ago, Shawn McDonald didn't even play a lick of guitar. He had never taken the stage in a club or a coffee house. He had yet to write his first song.

Truth is, six years ago Shawn McDonald was just a desperate, lost kid in Eugene, Oregon, who grew up too quickly without his parents in his life, and who was now full of rage, and staring down the barrel... Click Here To Read More

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