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Artist Info

Names: John Cooper (vocals, bass), Korey Cooper (keyboards), Ben Kasica (guitar), Lori Peters (drums)

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 7
Record Label: Ardent/SRE/Lava/Atlantic
Similar Artists: Nine Inch Nails, Bush, Fuel

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Comatose (2006)
Collide (2003)
Alien Youth (2001)
Ardent Worship: Live (2000)
Invincible (2000)
Hey You I Love Your Soul (1998)
Skillet (1997)


Skillet To Collide This November
Ardent Records And Skillet Rock GMA Week
Visible School's Lime 2003 Competition


Album, Comatose
Album, Collide
Album, Alien Youth
Album, Ardent Worship: Live
Album, Invincible
Album, Hey You I Love Your Soul
Album, Skillet

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Campus Life January/February 2002, Skillet's Answer to Marilyn Manson
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Never ones to sauté the same sounds perpetually on each release, or to revisit lightning that's already struck, the members of Skillet are in the constant pursuit of variety, as their name so appropriately implies: a sensory overloading hybrid of diverse tastes, scents, and styles. Since 1996, the John Cooper-led quartet has bounced between modern rock urgency on its self-titled debut, the electronic domination of Hey You I Love Your Soul, pulsating techno explosions throughout Invincible, prayerful reverence on Ardent Worship, and intense industrialization on Alien Youth, earning a vast army of "Panheads" and a respectable amount of... Click Here To Read More

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