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Artist Info

Names: Rick Heil (vocals), Trey Hill (bass), Chris Kimmerer (drums), Grant Norsworthy (bass), Jordan Jameson (guitar)

Genre: Pop, Rock, Worship
Number of Albums: 7
Record Label: INO Records

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Glimpse: Live Recordings from Around the World (2006)
This Generation (2005)
Gold (2004)
Cry Holy (2003)
Resonate (2001)
Sonicpraise (2001)
Sonicflood (1999)


Squint Signs New Rock Band, Building 429 Who Played For Sonicflood
Everyone Joins Sonicflood For Cry Holy 2003
New Worship Compilation From Fierce!


Album, Glimpse: Live Recordings from Around the World
Album, This Generation
Album, Gold
Album, Cry Holy
Album, Resonate
Album, Sonicpraise
Album, Sonicflood

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More than just a CD, the new release from pioneering modern worship band Sonicflood is a call to this generation—not just Baby Busters or Generation X, but everyone alive right now—to be what... Click Here To Read More

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