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Home: S : Souljahz

Artist Info

Names: Joshu'a Washington, Je'kob Washington, Rachael Washington

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Number of Albums: 1
Record Label: Warner Records
Similar Artists: Michael Jackson, Fugees

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The Fault Is History (2002)


Europe Doesn't Understand Tour Cancellations
Souljahz Making History
The Souljahz Get Set To Invade Your World


Album, The Fault Is History

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Interviews Interview, Eclectic and Electric


Though young in years, siblings Joshua, Jekob, and Rachael Washington collectively known as Souljahz (sole-juz), have a dedication to their craft and mission that is rarely seen among their peers. Inspired by the genius of fellow performers like Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Kirk Franklin, and Tonéx early on, the Washingtons chose music as their life's passion, and quickly built a solid following and loyal fanbase in their San Diego hometown. They were soon wowing... Click Here To Read More

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