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Home: S : Steven Curtis Chapman

Artist Info

Name: Steven Curtis Chapman

Genre: Pop, Rock, Country
Number of Albums: 15
Record Label: Sparrow/ EMI Records
Similar Artists: Don Henley, Garth Brooks, John Mayer

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Abbey Road Sessions/The Walk (2005)
All Things New (2004)
All About Love (2003)
Declaration (2001)
Speechless (1999)
Greatest Hits (1997)
Signs of Life (1996)
The Music of Christmas (1995)
Heaven In the Real World (1994)
The Live Adventure (1993)
The Great Adventure (1992)
For the Sake of the Call (1990)
More To This Life (1989)
Real Life Conversations (1988)
First Hand (1987)


Steven Curtis Chapman To Release Abbey Road CD/DVD
Chapman Wins His 5th Grammy
Steven Curtis Chapman At The AMA's
Steven Curtis Chapman Spreads Holiday Cheer with New CD, Book


Album, Abbey Road Sessions/The Walk
Album, All Things New
Album, All About Love
Album, Declaration
Album, Speechless
Album, Greatest Hits
Album, Signs of Life
Album, The Music of Christmas
Album, Heaven In the Real World
Album, The Live Adventure
Album, The Great Adventure
Album, For the Sake of the Call
Album, More To This Life
Album, Real Life Conversations
Album, First Hand

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Campus Life May/Jun 1998, So What Would Jesus Do?
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"The only decent art I've ever created has been out of the overflow of my heart."

Though it's true that most of us tend to be our own worst critics, and that many of us tend to don a bit of false humility when complimented, these words from Steven Curtis Chapman couldn't be more sincere, or—according to him—accurate.

"It's a weird thing that I haven't really figured out yet," Steven explains, "but the times that I have felt the need, creatively and artistically, for a... Click Here To Read More

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