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Artist Info

Names: Tricia Brock (vocals), Melissa Brock (vocals, guitar), Matt Daly (bass, vocals), Max Hsu (keyboards, turntables, guitar, bass, percussion), Dave Ghazarian (guitar), Brandon Estelle (drums)

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 5
Record Label: Inpop Records
Similar Artists: Black-Eyed Peas, Avril Lavigne, The Go-Go's, No Doubt

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Beauty From Pain 1.1 (2006)
Beauty from Pain (2005)
Regeneration (2003)
Last One Picked (2002)
Karaoke Superstars (2001)


The Superchic[k] & Supertones SuperTour
Superchic[k]'s Music In JC Penney Ad
Superchick Set To Release 'Last One Picked'


Album, Beauty From Pain 1.1
Album, Beauty from Pain
Album, Regeneration
Album, Last One Picked
Album, Karaoke Superstars

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Christian Music Today, Beauty from Pain
Christian Music Today, Chic[k]s in the Pulpit
Christianity Today magazine, May 2002, The Rolling Superchic[k] Revue
Campus Life, Sep/Oct 2001, So What's a Superchic[k] Anyway?


What started as a vision for a one-girl revolution has multiplied into an army of nonconformists who believe in themselves and their ability to affect change. So defines the impact of Superchic[k], a Chicago-based band whose albums inspire, empower, and entertain with a call to rise above society's unhealthy trappings. Their previous albums—Karaoke Superstar, Last One Picked, and the remix disc Regeneration—ignited the radio with such hits as "Hero," "Get Up," "Barlow Girls," "So Bright (Stand Up)," "Na Na," "Me Against the World," and "One Girl Revolution." While listeners ate up the songs like pop candy, the press likewise embraced the... Click Here To Read More

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