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Home: S : Susan Ashton

Artist Info

Names: Susan Ashton

Genre: Pop, Country
Number of Albums: 8
Record Label: Sparrow/Capitol Records
Website: N/A
Similar Artists: Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain

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Lost in Wonder: Voices of Worship (2005)
Closer (1999)
A Distant Call (1996)
So Far (1995)
Along the Road (1994)
Susan Ashton (1993)
Angels of Mercy (1992)
Wakened by the Wind (1991)




Album, Lost in Wonder: Voices of Worship
Album, Closer
Album, A Distant Call
Album, So Far … The Best of Susan Ashton
Album, Along the Road
Album, Susan Ashton
Album, Angels of Mercy
Album, Wakened by the Wind

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Christian Music Today, A Sort Of Comeback


One more song. Something big, that had meaning. Susan Ashton knew that's what her first album for Capitol Records, Closer, needed. She and producer Emory Gordy searched for that song, but couldn't find it.

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