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Home: T : Tammy Trent

Artist Info

Name: Tammy Trent

Genre: Pop, Urban/R&B
Number of Albums: 3
Record Label: September Day Records
Similar Artists: Janet Jackson, Beyoncé

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I See Beautiful (2006)
Set You Free (2000)
You Have My Heart (1997)
Tammy Trent (1995)


Tammy Trent's Husband Dies In Scuba Accident


Album, I See Beautiful
Album, Set You Free
Album, You Have My Heart
Album, Tammy Trent

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Christian Music Today, July 2004, "Learning to Breathe Again"


With her vivacious personality, infectious optimism, and passionate spirit for the Lord, Tammy can't help but make an impression on everyone she meets. Her fire for music and sharing the gospel fuels her boundless energy and keeps Tammy inspired as she follows the path that has led her from... Click Here To Read More

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