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Artist Info

Names: Lamont Hiebert (vocals, guitar), Tommy Lee (bass), Austin Morrison (drums), Jake Carey (lead guitar)

Genre: Rock, Pop
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: INO Records
Similar Artists: Counting Crows, Travis, Train, Coldplay

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Risk (2003)
Much (2001)


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Ten Shekel Shirt finishing Up Second Record
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Album, Risk
Album, Much

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Christian Music Today, Raising Shekels


"to live without risk is to risk not living"—Brennan Manning

What does the term "risk" bring to your mind? Perhaps it's a synonym for taking a chance or going out on a limb. Maybe it's the refusal to be contained within a comfort zone. Quite possibly, it's the realization that a decision or action may yield damage, loss, or even complete failure. When it comes to... Click Here To Read More

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