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Home: G : Grits

Artist Info

Names: Coffee (aka Stacey Jones), Bonafide (aka Teron Carter)

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Number of Albums: 8
Record Label: Gotee Records

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7 (2006)
Dichotomy B (2004)
The Art of Transformation (2004)
Dichotomy A (2004)
The Art of Translation (2002)
Grammatical Revolution (1999)
Factors of the Seven (1997)
Mental Release (1995)


Grits Brought Home Dove Award
Grits Brand New Record Label


Album, 7
Album, Dichotomy B
Album, The Art of Transformation
Album, Dichotomy A
Album, The Art of Translation
Album, Grammatical Revolution
Album, Factors of the Seven
Album, Mental Release

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Christian Music Today, A House Divided


GRITS have been hip-hop's best-kept secret long enough. Rolling into 2004, this Tennessee rap combo tackles a primetime platform with the one-two punch of back-to-back albums, Dichotomy A (June 29) and Dichotomy B (November 2).

GRITS, who sold a career-best 125,000 copies of 2002's Art Of Translation, further elevate their rap game as Dichotomy A and B slam out their most assertive, club-banging tracks yet. Though setting out to make... Click Here To Read More

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