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Home: K : The Katinas

Artist Info

Names: Sam Katina, Joe Katina, Jesse Katina, John Katina, James Katina

Genre: Pop, Urban/R&B, Worship
Number of Albums: 6
Record Label: Gotee Records
Similar Artists: Boyz II Men, Andraé Crouch

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Timeless (2005)
Roots (2003)
Lifestyle: A Worship Experience (2002)
Destiny (2001)
The Katinas (1999)
Katina Boyz/So Good (1991/2000)


The Katinas Stop, Look and Listen
The Katinas To Record Live Worship Album
Nashville Holds Evening Vigil
The Katinas CD a Tribute to Christian Classics


Album, Timeless
Album, Roots
Album, Lifestyle: A Worship Experience
Album, Destiny
Album, The Katinas
Album, Katina Boyz/So Good

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Samoa-born brothers Sam, Joe, Jesse, John, and James—collectively known as The Katinas—do nothing less than set the standard for five individuals singing with one unshakeable voice. With a vocal blend honed by siblings singing since birth, The Katinas utilize their synergistic bonds to stretch... Click Here To Read More

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