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Home: L : The Lads

Artist Info

Names: Mark Millard, Chris White,
Bennett Knowles, Bjorn Bennett,
and Steve King

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: Cross-Driven Records

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Marvel (2002)
Lost At Sea (1999)
Arbor Day (1996)
P.I.R.A.W. (1993)


Lads Comment On Next Album


Album, Marvel
Album, Lost At Sea
Album, Arbor Day
Album, P.I.R.A.W.

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Band Members

Mark Millard -Lead Vocals
Chris White -Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals
Bennett Knowles -Bass, Vocals
Bjorn Bennett -Guitars
Steve King -Drums, Vocals

A radio DJ recently described Lads music as being ‘so infectious, it’s like a disease… but the kind you actually want to get!’. The band which... Click Here To Read More

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