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Artist Info

Names: Trevor McNevan (vocals, guitar), Joel Bruyere (bass), Steve Augustine (drums)

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Similar Artists: The Darkness, Seether, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park

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The Flame In All Of Us (2007)
The Art of Breaking (2005)
Phenomenon (2003)
Set It Off (2000)


Juno Award Nomination
Thousand Foot Krutch's New Album
Phenomenon Album Sales


Album, The Flame In All Of Us
Album, The Art Of Breaking
Album, Phenomenon
Album, Set It Off

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Christian Music Today, Running on Krutches


Thousand Foot Krutch is not limiting itself with boundaries. Instead they're pushing genre lines to mere obscurity in their musical creativity. And though their diverse style has evolved over six years to generate a sound incapable of being categorized to one genre specifically, one thing, past and present, has remained invariable: the future is looking bright for these Toronto-born three.

Begun in 1997, when its members were still in high school, Thousand Foot Krutch proved their passion for the band early on, appearing for nearly anyone who would listen. "We just wanted to play but... Click Here To Read More

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