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Home: T : Todd Agnew

Artist Info

Name: Todd Agnew

Genre: Rock, Worship
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Ardent/SRE Recordings
Similar Artists: Dave Matthews Band, Creed, Jeff Healy, Jonny Lang

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Reflection of Something (2005)
Grace Like Rain (2003)


Todd Agnew Tour Updates
Todd Receives Four Dove Nominations!
Waterfront To Release Bridges


Album, Reflection of Something

Album, Grace Like Rain

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From the first time you meet Todd Agnew, you'll realize that he's a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy.And his manner of speech will certainly reflect his sartorial taste: direct, straightforward, to the point.

It's when you get to his music that you will find the complexities that inhabit Todd's life. His debut album for Ardent Records, Grace Like Rain, is a dizzying array of musical styles, none of which seem out of place and all of which help serve Todd's dual purpose as a communicator, horizontally reaching out to a young generation looking for... Click Here To Read More

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