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Home: T : Tracy Dawn

Artist Info

Name: Tracy Dawn

Genre: Rock, Pop
Number of Albums: 1
Record Label: Atlantic Records
Similar Artists: Sheryl Crow, Fiona Apple, Lisa Loeb

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Poetic Aftermath (1999)




Album, Poetic Aftermath

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Campus Life May/Jun 2000, Facing Her Past interview, Taking God at His Word


Tracy Dawn's life may have taken twists and turns along the way, but like her music, the woman herself is nothing if not direct. Her debut release, Poetic Aftermath, lands on the shelves of Christian bookstores in mid-1999 from Atlantic Records Christian Music Division and follows on the shelves of music stores everywhere in early 2000 through a unique partnership with Warner Music sister label, Warner Bros. Records. As an up-and-comer on... Click Here To Read More

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