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Home: W : Wayne Watson

Artist Info

Name: Wayne Watson

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 20
Record Label: Spring Hill Music

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Living Room (2002)
Wayne Watson (2000)
The Way Home (1998)
Field of Souls (1995)
The Very Best (1995)
One Christmas Eve (1994)
Signature Songs (1993)
A Beautiful Place (1993)
How Time Flies (1992)
The Early Works (1991)
Home Free (1990)
The Fine Line (1988)
Wayne Watson in Concert (1987)
Water Colour Ponies (1987)
Giants in the Land (1985)
Best of Wayne Watson (1985)
Man in the Middle (1984)
New Lives for Old (1982)
Workin' in the Final Hour (1980)
Canvas for the Sun (1978)


Wayne Watson Dove Nomination


Album, Living Room
Album, Wayne Watson
Album, The Way Home
Album, Field of Souls
Album, The Very Best
Album, One Christmas Eve
Album, Signature Songs
Album, A Beautiful Place
Album, How Time Flies
Album, The Early Works
Album, Home Free
Album, The Fine Line
Album, Wayne Watson in Concert
Album, Water Colour Ponies
Album, Giants in the Land
Album, Best of Wayne Watson
Album, Man in the Middle
Album, New Lives for Old
Album, Workin' in the Final Hour
Album, Canvas for the Sun

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Finding Freedom in Family,


When it came time to choose a title for his Spring Hill Music debut, Wayne Watson didn't have to think too long about it. For a man who has spent his whole career writing and singing about life, both the divine and the temporal, the phrase Living Room seemed more than appropriate, especially in light of what he's... Click Here To Read More

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